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The following information and photographs are displayed as a service to anyone researching yacht types. HOWEVER THE PHOTOGRAPHS AND TEXT ARE COVERED BY COPYRIGHT, AND MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF YACHTSNET LTD. Details and photographs are normally based on one specific yacht, but could be a compilation. No reliance should be placed on other yachts of the same class being identical.  Where common variations exist, we have endeavoured to indicate this in these archive details. 

Bènèteau Oceanis 311 & 311 Clipper

Brief Notes


Bènèteau, France

The Oceanis 311 is a modern fast cruiser with a comfortable cruising layout featuring a good sized aft cabin for a 31 foot boat. Quite a few were chartered - boats that have been in charter use having obviously had a harder life than privately owned examples

Length OA

32' 4"

Sail Area

540 sq ft

Length WL

28' 10"




10' 7"


2 plus saloon


4' 9" fin or 2' 7" to 7' 1" lift keel




8,047 lbs

Engine type

Volvo 2020 common, other engines including Yanmars also fitted


2,425 lbs fin, 3,085 lbs lift keel

Engine bhp

normally 18

Keel type

Bulbed fin keel and single spade rudder as standard, lift keel and twin rudders as option

The Bènèteau Oceanis 311 was introduced at the London Boat Show in January 1998, the standard model being the Oceanis 311, and the Oceanis Clipper 311 being a model with an upgraded inventory and specification.  

Designed by Groupe Finot, the Oceanis 311 hull is based on the hull design of the "Figaro" racing class, and hence offers good performance, although very substantially "detuned" in comparison to the Figaro.

Most yachts sold in the UK were fin keel versions, the lifting keel versions, with twin rudders being more popular in France than in the UK. When lowered the lift keel gives a sailing draught of 7' 1", considerably deeper than the fin keel version of the same boat.  The toed-out twin rudders mean that one is usually near vertical - and hence working very efficiently whilst sailing.

The Oceanis 311 came in three versions: each with a higher standard of fit-out and standard inventory than the previous. The "Clipper" version was the last sold, and the specification includes items such as lazyjacks for the mainsail, wheel steering, twin batteries, refrigeration, etc. Apart from detail changes to inventory and fit-out, all Oceanis 311s share the same basic hull and deck. 

Beneteau Oceanis 311
Oceanis 311

The hull form is identical to the more race-orientated First 31.7, and with a bulbed fin keel, performance is good, particularly in lighter weather.  The ballast ratio is however on the light side for heavy weather sailing.

Yachts seen here are no longer for sale - the data is online as a free information service for buyers researching boat types. THE PHOTOGRAPHS ARE COVERED BY COPYRIGHT, AND MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF YACHTSNET LTD.

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Beneteau Oceanis 311

Beneteau Oceanis 311

Below: The lift-keel version has a socket for a
winch handle in the table to raise and lower the keel

Bènèteau Oceanis Clipper 311
Bènèteau Oceanis Clipper 311
Bènèteau Oceanis Clipper 311

Above - on the lift keel version the drop keel sits inside a short winged stub keel,
and the boat has twin rudders, the three points allowing her to sit on the bottom.

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