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The following information and photographs are displayed as a service to anyone researching yacht types. HOWEVER THE PHOTOGRAPHS AND TEXT ARE COVERED BY COPYRIGHT, AND MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF YACHTSNET LTD. Details and photographs are normally based on one specific yacht, but could be a compilation. No reliance should be placed on other yachts of the same class being identical.  Where common variations exist, we have endeavoured to indicate this in these archive details.

Rustler 36

Brief Notes


Orion Marine, Falmouth, now Rustler Yachts, Falmouth

The Rustler 36 is a traditional and very elegant long-distance cruiser, with excellent build quality and sea-keeping ability. The yachts are sought after, and individual boats vary from older home-completed boats to very high quality semi-custom factory-built examples. With a new boat with the most common options now costing around £200,000+, a good recent yacht can fetch a very high price. Although Rustler still build a few 36s, most of their sale now are for larger yachts.

Length OA

35' 4"

Sail Area


Length WL

26' 6"




11' 0"




5' 6"




16,800 lbs

Engine type



7,620 lbs

Engine bhp

20 - 35

Keel type

Long encapsulated lead fin keel

Rustler 36

The Rustler 36 was designed by Holman and Pye nearly 40 years ago as a seaworthy "go-anywhere" long-distance fast cruiser. She is a bigger, faster development of Holman's earlier "Stella" design, itself essentially a Folkboat derivative.

The Rustler 36 has a longish cutaway fin keel, relatively narrow beam, and extreme elegance. For their length, the accommodation is not as spacious as beamier yachts, but the loss of volume is, for most owners, more than made up for in their sailing ability, especially in heavy weather.

The Rustler's long keel with cutaway forefoot also provides for an immensely strong keel-hung rudder, and excellent propeller protection. The Rustler 36 is in every sense a classic yacht.

"She is in no way old fashioned. The combination of the sharply raked transom and cutaway forefoot means that the foot of her keel is actually little more than 25% of her overall length, a compromise assuring good maneuverability with plenty of directional stability"


In 1987, Yachting Monthly concluded: "..... the Rustler 36 is one of the nicest serious cruising yachts we've sailed aboard for years". Five years on, I can confirm that she not only remains worthy of that accolade, she's even better."


from Yachting Monthly, July 1992

Rustler 36

The layout shown here is the "standard" layout but more than a few boats have been built with different interiors, particularly those built from bare hulls rather than completed by Orion or Rustler Yachts

Rustler 36

Standard layout as built by Rustler Yachts


The quarterberth is nominally a double, and the port side of the saloon seating can also convert to a double, giving her a nominal maximum of seven berths

Yachts seen here are no longer for sale - the data is online as a free information service for buyers researching boat types. THE PHOTOGRAPHS ARE COVERED BY COPYRIGHT, AND MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF YACHTSNET LTD.

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The quarterberth aft of the chart table is normally an in-harbour 'cosy double', the inboard section of upholstery hinging up whilst on passage to reveal a hanging locker for oilskins whilst leaving a single narrower quarterberth more suitable for use at sea.

The larger photo below shows a Rustler 36 where the owner had no quarterberth, but bigger internal hanging locker and external cockpit locker instead.

Almost all Rustler 36s are tiller steered, but a very few
have been fitted with wheel steering - see below

Rustler 36's are still in production, being built by Rustler Yachts Ltd in Falmouth.


Although most recent yachts are factory-fitted to very high standards, quite a few bare hulls were sold in the past. Fit-out standards of these may vary considerably.

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