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The following information and photographs are displayed as a service to anyone researching yacht types. HOWEVER THE PHOTOGRAPHS AND TEXT ARE COVERED BY COPYRIGHT, AND MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF YACHTSNET LTD. Details and photographs are normally based on one specific yacht, but could be a compilation. No reliance should be placed on other yachts of the same class being identical.  Where common variations exist, we have endeavoured to indicate this in these archive details.

UFO 34

Brief Notes


Colvic hulls, fitted out by many companies and also home completion.

The UFO34 is a fast and seaworthy cruiser/racer derived from a 1970s Three-quarter Ton Cup racing design by Holman & Pye. UFO34s have an excellent reputation as fast cruising passage-makers and club racers.

Length OA

34' 4"

Sail Area

405 sq ft

Length WL

28' 1"




11' 0"




6' 0"




10,214 lbs

Engine type



5,510 lbs

Engine bhp

12 - 40

Keel type

Deep fin and spade rudder

The UFO34 was a production yacht design based on a successful IOR 3/4 Ton Cup racing yacht "Unidentified Flying Object" of the late 1970s. Whilst many IOR yachts of the period had a reputation for poor handling, the UFO34 was both fast and virtually vice-free, and the class became successful both as racers and as fast cruisers, many boats being used exclusively as cruising yachts. The design was originally for tiller steering, with a six foot long tiller and extension, but many yachts intended as cruisers were fitted from new with wheel steering. Many others have since been converted to wheel steering, and it is now rare to find one with the original tiller (which is a shame - as they handle very well with a tiller, and it makes much more space in the cockpit when anchored or moored).

The hulls and decks were moulded by Colvic Craft, and sold both to professional yachtbuilders and to home builders. As a result fit-out standards vary dramatically, though those yachts fitted out by Oyster or Landamores, amongst others, are to an excellent standard. A cruising version of the UFO34 was also sold for a time as the Hazelwood 34

Yachts seen here are no longer for sale - the data is online as a free information service for buyers researching boat types. THE PHOTOGRAPHS ARE COVERED BY COPYRIGHT, AND MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF YACHTSNET LTD.

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Above: the saloon, in the original designed format, had a removable table, fixed pilot berths on both sides outside and above the settee berths, and two quarterberths aft either side of the companionway. This gave six good seaberths for offshore racing without using the forepeak, which was reserved for sail stowage.

Right and below: A UFO34 with the saloon pilot berths replaced by lockers, and the forecabin fitted with two berths


The two pictures below are of two different boats, but show the excellent chart table, aft of which is a quarterberth and an open topped wet locker, just by the companionway, which is warmed by the heat of the engine - a very practical setup. The side of the wet locker provides a backrest for the navigator, while the quarterberth is further outboard

Above: Yet another variation of interior layout - in this case one pilot berth retained whilst the other side used as lockers.

The forepeak, although intended as sail stowage in aracing boat, makes a useful forecabin if fitted out, as here

The UFO 34 is regarded as one of the outstanding cruiser/racers of the time. By modern standards she is a moderately heavy yacht, with a deep fin keel and an excellent ballast ratio. She is fast in all conditions, particularly to windward; UFO34s currently club racing in the UK normally sail off a Portsmouth Number of around 956, which is significantly faster than, for example a Contessa 32, itself regarded as a fast boat.

"Not Negotiable", a UFO34 based in Australia, had a string of excellent results in offshore racing a few years back, including 2000 Melbourne - King Island. PHD (1st Overall) & IMS (2nd Overall), 2001 Melbourne - Low Head (Tasmania) 2nd PHD Overall. She also competed in the 1998, 1999 & 2000 Sydney to Hobart Races.

Photograph Lidgard Sails

Although originally designed to be tiller steered, many UFO 34s were built with wheel steering, and yet more have been subsequently converted, as in the yacht illustrated here

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