B15820 - 1960 Alden Challenger 38 centreboard yawl

We sold this yacht to the present owner in 2013, and since then she has had fairly extensive work done.

She is now for sale again, ashore in Hampshire, and we will be re-photographing her shortly, after which
full details will be available. Our archive page for the design shows this yacht in 2013.

Alden Challenger 38 for sale
Ashore aft

Although she looks as though she might be a wooden classic yacht, the hull and deck are actually GRP, moulded to a very heavy layup by Halmatic (in 1960 GRP was a new material, and builders erred on the side of caution in terms of hull thickness). She has an external lead keel fastened to the GRP hull with bronze bolts, and a 350 lb bronze centreplate which drops through the lead ballast keel, operated by a winch in the cockpit.

Saloon aft
Ownesr photo

Yachtsnet photographs 2013 - being re-photographed shortly