Classic yachts for sale

Classic yachts for sale

Yachtsnet Ltd. currently has the following classic yachts for sale on brokerage - click the photos or text link for each yacht to see detailed specifications and lots of high quality and high resolution photos of each yacht.

2006/7 Heard 25 for sale - £35,000

Heard 25 gaff cutter for sale

This Heard 25 is a yacht designed on Working Boat lines by Percy Dalton (1906–1982), who was a noted artist and yacht designer who spent most of his working life in Falmouth. She has a heavily laid up solid GRP hull, with encapsulated internal ballast, and deck and superstructure in timber. She is simply but very nicely fitted out in teak, with laid teak decks. She is in her original ownership, and since launch has only been sailed for 4-5 months each year, the remainder of the time being stored ashore under cover inside the owner's barn. Full details at

Cornish Crabber Trader 30 for sale - £37,500

Cornisg Trader 30 for sale

Maybe not quite a true classic, but we had to include this rather attractive 1980 Cornish Trader 30, a gaff cutter ketch built on the same chined GRP hull as a Cornish Crabber Pilot Cutter. At £37,500, full details are on NOW SOLD

1980/81 Rustler 31 for sale

Rustler 31 for sale

The Rustler 31 is a bigger GRP version of Kim Holman's timber Stella and Twister designs, heavily influenced by the Folkboat type. This 1980 example at £19,950 has had the original engine replaced with a freshwater cooled Yanmar 3GM, and has good sails and a Hydrovane servo-paddle self-steering gear as well as a tillerpilot. Full details at

1980/81 Rustler 31 for sale


The Rustler 31 is a bigger GRP version of Kim Holman's timber Stella and Twister designs, heavily influenced by the Folkboat type. This example at £32,000 is very well equipped including a Seafeather windvane gear,and is another of the best examples of a Rustler 31 you will find, having had a great deal of refit and refurbishment work done by the present and previous owners, who are selling now only because they have bought a much bigger boat for long-term long distance cruising. Full details at NOW SOLD

1966 Rustler 31 for sale

Rustler 31 for sale

This is one of the very earliest Rustler 31s, being the fifth hull built. Although well over 50 years old, she is in only her second ownership from new and is almost certainly one of the very best condition Rustler 31s you will find anywhere. The Rustler 31 is in essence a bigger GRP version of Kim Holman's timber Stella and Twister designs, heavily influenced by the Folkboat type. After 27 years in her present ownership she only for sale now at £27,500 due to health reasons. Full details at NOW SOLD

1976 Golden Hind 31 for sale

Golden Hind 31 for sale

The Golden Hind is one of Maurice Griffiths most enduring designs. Conceived in the 1960s as a shallow draught family cruiser, for many years the design was also favoured for long-distance sailing. She is very much a go-anywhere boat, from drying harbours to long-distance passage-making. This 1976 GRP hulled example at £29,750 has a ketch rig with a taller mainmast, and had a very major refit/rebuild in 2000/2001 including a new 4-cylinder Beta diesel. Full details on

1993 Heard 28 for sale

Heard 28 for sale

This is very nice example of a Heard 28 - a heavy displacement cruising yacht with a GRP hull on the traditional lines of a Falmouth Working Boat. Although heavy, these yachts carry a lot of sail and a long bowsprit, and are surprisingly fast. This well kept one owner example has cruised from Falmouth to the Mediterranean and back, going south by the Biscay coast and the Canal du Midi, and returning via the Rhone. She has a long coachroof, giving headroom in the saloon and forecabin, and the mast is in a tabernacle for ease of lowering. Afloat in Hampshire, she is for sale at £37,000. Full details at NOW SOLD

1991 Twister for sale

Twister under sail

Twisters are one of the absolute classic long-keel cruisers, first built in wood in 1963. Although accommodation is modest, they are fast and seaworthy, as well as very pretty. This 1991 boat is one of the few later examples of the all-GRP Twister, home completed to a very good standard by her first owner. She is well looked after and has a good inventory including recent new sails. Asking £15,000 - full details are here

The definition of a “classic yacht” is a fairly elastic one. Few would argue that a J-class from the 1920s is a classic yacht. What about a James Silver “gentlemans motor yacht” from the late 1940s, or Laurent Giles’ beautiful Nicholson-built “Lutine” from 1952?

Is however a Rustler 36 (which could have been built in 2015) a classic yacht? It certainly derives it’s pedigree and hull form from the 1942 Folkboat, which general hull form Kim Holman enlarged, refined, and progressively reworked into the Stella, Twister and then the Rustler 31 and 36 designs.

So if a 2015 Rustler 36 can be a classic yacht, can a 1971 Contessa 32? Some would say no, as this has a separate keel and skeg/rudder, instead of a traditional long keel. Yet separate keels and rudders were already well known over a hundred years ago, Herreshoff having started to build such designs in the early 1890s. And if a 1971 Contessa 32 can be a classic design, why not also a shiny new-built one from Jeremy Rogers?

There are also yachts that started life as working boats, whether pilot cutters, fishing boats or the Colin Archer sailing lifeboats? Many such boats are still sailing at over 100 years old, though now used purely as yachts. Others were built as yachts by the same yards that built working versions, such as the Miller Fifers, or the various modern builds of traditional pilot cutters.

Finally, there are the modern yachts which are consciously “retro” - the Spirits, Morris’ and other beautiful yachts in modern materials. The new Rustler 33 is very much in this mould.

We believe in a fairly flexible definition of the term classic yacht, in much the same way that some quite modern cars, and cars that were quite commonplace in their day, can now be called classic cars. We are happy for a classic yacht to be built of any material, as long as she is beautiful in her own way, and suited to her purpose, be it cruising or racing.

If you are thinking of selling a classic yacht our system of lots of really high quality high resolution photographs and full details really does encourage buyers to travel to view. Call us on 01326-212234 to discuss the sale of your classic yacht.

The dictionary definition of the word “classic” is:

from the French classique, from Latin classicus, of the highest class of Roman citizens, of the first rank, from classis.
Also serving as a standard of excellence: of recognized value, traditional, enduring, eg. classic designs.

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