"Minx" - a 2005 Tela GRP gaff dayboat for sale - £7,000

The Tela design is a family dayboat, built by Salterns Boats in GRP, the Tela design is based on a 1911 original working boat, one of the small inshore sailing pilot boats that worked out of Barry Harbour in the Bristol Channel. In 1980 the original wooden hull was used to make a mould - and the Tela design was created. "Minx" is ashore undercover in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

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Tela "Minx" for sale
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Tela dayboat for sale


The latest version of this traditional classic combines timeless design with the finest modern materials. He tough, low maintenance Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) hull entirely laid up by hand to ensure an even thickness of mat throughout. The high quality wooden fitout is from carefully selected FSC teak, with all the key components cast in bronze to traditional designs. In short she is beautifully built by people who understand the simplicity, functionality, and tradition.

Superb Sailing Qualities
The original sail plan has been retained - because, in our view, the Tela's supremely efficient gaff rig is just about unbeatable. Given the life she led, it had to be. As a result, it's quick and easy to set up and even if you're sailing singlehanded you can rig her in just a few minutes. With the mast only two feet longer the the boat itself, and the boom and gaff stored below decks with the sail wrapped around them, it could not be easier.

Under way, she's fast, stable and beautifully balanced with all the control lines within easy reach of the helmsman; Dinghy Magazine found her light and responsive and were impressed with her fifty percent ballast ratio, not to mention her superb performance, enormous stability and dry and comfortable motion. "Tacking and gybing if effortless" they said. "Even the most nervous crew would feel at ease." They also discovered that this was a boat you sat in rather than on - and one that would steer herself to windward.

Pace, Peace, and Practicalities

Above all, the Tela can provide you with a cracking good sail, before making the most of her shallow draft of just over a foot to wriggle up a river creek for a picnic. Her large, deep cockpit has plenty of room for four people, and storage for picnic baskets and bottles of wine. She can be trailered behind the family car and kept at home in a garden or garage, so you won't need a mooring. When the wind dies, she only needs a low powered outboard - or a pair of oars.

Below: brochure photo from Salterns Boats

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