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Yachtsnet's archive of boat details and pictures

The following information and photographs are displayed as a service to anyone researching yacht types. Details and photographs are normally based on one specific yacht, but could be a compilation. No reliance should be placed on other yachts of the same class being identical.  Where common variations exist, we have endeavoured to indicate this in these archive details.

Parker 325

Brief details


Parker Yachts. Boston, Lincolnshire

The Parker 325 is a fast modern yacht with a unique lifting wing keel, allowing drying out in comfort and use of cheaper drying moorings. Although definitely at the lighter, faster end of the cruiser-racer spectrum, she has a very comfortable and well-fitted cruising interior, though it is not as large an interior as on many more "mainstream" boats. Like all Parker lift-keel yachts, they command higher prices than you would expect compared to similar sized non-lift-keel yachts


33' 6"

Sail area

550 sq ft


28' 8"


fractional sloop


10' 6"




2' 1" to 6' 2" keel down




7,800 lbs


Yanmar 2GM diesel


2,650 lbs



Keel type

Lifting wing keel

Parker 325

The Parker 325 was designed in 1993/94, as a Parker Yachts in-house development of the 1987 Tony Castro designed Parker 31. With over a ton of lead in the baseplate of the wing keel , and a keel-down draught of 6' 2", she offers excellent sailing performance plus the ability to use drying moorings. The keel is hydraulically raised and lowered, normally by electric push-button, though there is a manual backup system. As with all Parker yachts, the build and fit-out quality is high. Parker 325s were built from 1993 to 2000. From 2000 to 2009, when Parkers ceased trading, the model was changed to the Parker 335, which used an identical hull, with minor variations in fit-out.

When boat tested by "Yachting World" in 1994 they described her as ".... solidly built, thoughtfully designed and a pleasure to sail" and "Under sail she excels. Her helm is light, but direct; you never feel out of touch with the balance of the boat. She is responsive, too, and and a gentle tweak on the sheets has her picking up almost immediately"

Parker 325
Parker 325

A Parker 325 on passage in Swedish waters, photo from owner. Other photographs by Yachtsnet

The cast lead wing is attached to a hollow aerofoil section stainless steel fin, which slowly fills with water when lowered. The complete fin/wing assembly is raised and lowered by an electrically operated hydraulic ram. In the photo above, the keel is about half-lowered

Yachts seen here are no longer for sale - the data is online as a free information service for buyers researching boat types

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The twin spreader fractional rig has roller furling for the jib, and lazyjacks for the mainsail, with all sail handling lines led aft to the cockpit.

Access to the hydraulic ram and the top of the keel is via the removable panel aft of the mast

Parker 325

Parker 325
Parker 325

Accommodation plan

The forecabin has a vee-double berth arrangement, with lots of locker and shelf space, much of this a non-standard fitting on this boat from the factory. Under the forward berth cushions are two very large smooth-lined GRP storage lockers, and the electrically powered hydraulic pump for the keel is under the aft end of the port berth.

The forecabin also has a door giving direct access to the heads compartment


The saloon table extends aft from the back of the keel trunking, with another door to the heads forward of the table in the saloon. The chart table is to port, in the passageway through to the forecabin. The chart table is big enough for a half-folded Admiralty chart, and has a swing-out seat

Yachts seen here are no longer for sale - the data is online as a free information service for buyers researching boat types

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Parker 325


Below: The aft cabin has a very large athwartships double berth, plus good stowage. Some Parker 325s were also fitted with a hatch giving both ventilation and emergency access into the cockpit. The boat shown here was the first 325 fitted with this - a modification that became a standard fitting on the later 335s

Parker 31s, 325s and 335s have never been built in large numbers, but they do offer a most unusual combination of qualities - good accommodation, excellent build quality, and sparkling sailing performance combined with the ability to dry out safely and explore shallow anchorages. The 325s and 335s do have significantly more interior space than the 31s, thanks to both extra beam and length, though all Parkers have to sacrifice some space in the saloon to the lift keel casing.

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